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Wood Decking Cleaning – Oil Treatments and Protecting

Decking Restoration Services

When using a pressure washer to clean wood decking it’s important to remember that direct contact with high water pressure will likely fray the wood and leave pressure marks on the surface. Our system will ensure that just the right amount of pressure is applied to establish an even, consistent clean throughout, delivering maximum effect to the end result.

If your decking has been stained in the past then the chances are you will be calling us to remove a failed product that likely lasted less than 9 months. In this case your decking is going to need to be coated with a specialised stain remover that will help break down the staining product before the cleaning process begins. This may mean that the decking needs to be coated and cleaned 2 or 3 times in order to remove all the old stain.

At this stage we can replace any damaged or rotten planks for you. It’s simply a case of sourcing the correct decking style, taking the old planks up and securing the new one/s down.

Our decking cleaning service includes handrails/balustrades, facia panels, fences/trellises and garden furniture restoration.

Wood Decking Oiling and Protection Treatments

When treating your decking we always recommend an oil over a stain. Decking stains often become flaky and patchy within 6-12 months and, in our opinion, are just simply not fit for purpose.

Once your decking is completely dry and likely to remain dry for the near future, the oiling process can begin. The decking oil is applied using soft paint brushes to ensure all grooves are adequately covered. Decking is always treated with 2 coats of oil to ensure an even quality finish, whist nourishing and safeguard the wood from rot and decay.

People and furniture should be kept off the decking for at least 4 hours after the oil/ protector is applied.

Our Specialist Wood Decking Cleaning and Restoration Services are available throughout Dublin and surrounding areas.

Wood Decking Cleaning, Repairs and Treatment Services Include:

  • Decking Cleaning
  • Decking Repairs
  • Decking Stain Removal
  • Decking Sanding
  • Decking Oiling
  • Fence Restoration
  • Garden Furniture Cleaning and Treatments
Alpine Gardens And Landscapes, Landscaping Dublin, Gardens Dublin, Paving Dublin, Pressure Washing Dublin